There are people in our lives who heavily influence our style and tastes. Thinking about why I’m so drawn to blue + pink, a specific memory comes to mind. My “lola” (tagalog for grandma) bought me a denim vest and skirt with a pink shirt to match for my kindergarten pictures. She told me that pink and blue are nice together. And honestly, I believe she’s reason why I’m still drawn to that combination today.
Lola died a little over a year ago and I still dream about her. It hurts that she isn’t here anymore, but when I remember how much she’s influenced me, I feel comforted. It’s proof that she’s still alive and present in my life.


She dressed elegantly, way more elegantly than me. She always wore a long skirt, kitten heels, and a perm. Lancôme makeup, perfume, and lipstick – always. She would buy me a new outfit every weekend, which ingrained a love of clothing. Come to think of it, when I shop I pick things that she would probably approve of – nothing revealing,  classy.


It’s amazing how relationships influence our creative lens. Because of my lola and many of my closest relationships, how I dress, decorate, and design are forever changed.


If you really think about it, it’s nearly impossible not to link your styles and tastes back to someone or something. It speaks to the connective nature of art and design. It’s through art that we can reflect, make sense of, and connect with ourselves and each other.
Posted by:coastalurbana

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