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A couple nights ago when I was about to fall asleep, an image in full color popped in my head – mustard yellow background and tropical flowers in purple and teal. This happens to me regularly — an image comes to mind, and it could be anything from colors, clothing designs, illustrations – and I have to write it down and bring it to fruition. 

I didn’t think much of it until I read about how Thomas Edison captured his ideas. In Bill Gardner’s Logo Creed it says, “Thomas Edison felt his best ideas came to him right before he fell asleep…  So he came up with a trick: He would perch himself in a chair and hold ball bearings in his hand. When he started to drift off, the heavy balls would fall out of his hand. The sound would wake him up, and he would immediately write down the ideas that were germinating in his head.”

After reading that, I started to take these “visions” more seriously – I mean, if one of America’s greatest inventors took idea-capturing that seriously, it wouldn’t hurt to do the same (or at least something somewhat similar). I usually keep a journal with me, but when I had this particular tropical bouquet vision, I busted out my iPad and created the illustration right before falling asleep.


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