maganda print 2 - low res

“Maganda” means “beautiful” in tagalog

Next time you think of beautiful things, don’t forget to count yourself in (definitely got that from Pinterest) 🙂

Behind the Print

Though I was born and raised in California, I’ve recently been trying to get more connected with my native culture, especially as a source of creative inspiration. With the rising popularity of different styles like minimal Scandinavian and French chic (yup, I’m a fan of both) it made me think about how I can incorporate my own experiences, cultures, and identity into the things I make.

The guava fruit is featured in the print’s decorative border. Though it’s a popular fruit in the Philippines, I mostly chose to include it as a reminder of my childhood. When I was little my parents had a strawberry guava tree in their backyard. I would play around that tree and pick its fruit – whenever I think of those memories it makes me happy. I wanted this print to represent the warm and fuzzy feelings I get when I think back on those simpler times. 

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