SV_tassel earrings_group-7.jpg

Jewelry making is one of my oldest hobbies. I’ve been doing it almost as long as I’ve been sewing. I used to sell jewelry to my classmates (and sometimes teachers) from fifth up to ninth grade. Earrings were always my favorite things to make. I would make custom earrings for everyday wear and fancier styles for school dances.

After high school, stud earrings became the popular style and I stopped wearing and making long earrings. I haven’t made jewelry consistently since. For the past nine or so years my jewelry making supplies have been sitting in my closet, only to take them out during moments of inspiration (like when I made the “Joy Duo Ring Set” back in my Shades A. Designs days).

Since I cut my hair short I’ve been wearing long earrings more often. I’ve been seeing tassel-style earrings in stores lately and so when I saw a spool of embroidery thread in one of my drawers (I’ve been putting off a modern embroidery project for a couple years now, yikes!) I got inspired to make some tassel earrings.

Here are some pics:

SV_tassel earrings_group-3.jpg

SV_tassel earrings_single-2.jpg

SV_tassel earrings_single-5.jpg

SV_tassel earrings_single-7

SV_tassel earrings on model_1 copy.jpg

SV_tassel earrings on model_24 cropped





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