One thing I’ve been particularly frustrated about this week is feeling like I don’t have a strong sense of my own design aesthetic. I’ve never been naturally good at editing things down (I’m probably a “more is more” type of gal, curious & interested in all things), and it seems like curating your design style is kind of a must these days. I’ve always believed that aesthetic preferences are a living, breathing thing – meant to grow & evolve as I grow & evolve. In one season of life I might want more color, more clutter, but in another season I may want more mind space and gravitate toward orderly, clean design.

The trouble is, I feel like I have to choose one camp now and stick with it. But I love color & print and white space & order. I love the whimsy and handmade as much as I deeply appreciate minimalism and clean design. I feel like the fact that I don’t strongly identify with one is problematic because many designers seem to heavily identify with one, and as a result, their work has strong consistency, a signature look.

I know I probably don’t have to have it all figured out now (that’s so like me to feel like I need to be 20 steps ahead). Many designers talk about how their style evolves and changes over time. I just need to remember to be gracious with myself and enjoy the process. 

Though design and creativity have been a huge part of my life, I think this point in my life is where I’m starting to truly think critically about the things I create. My hope is that I continue to enjoy this season of creativity and get a better understanding of who I am as a designer.

design aesthetic.jpg

Source: Pinterest | To find the creative genius behind these go here

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